About Soho Repro

SoHo Reprographics began operation in a second floor walk-up on West Broadway in January of 1985. As a one machine copy shop and family-staffed word-processing service, we quickly became aware of the needs of local businesses and began to meet those needs. After five moves and 30 years, now located just a few blocks away at 38 Vandam Street (lower level), we offer a full range of reprographic and printing services.

Every day SoHo Repro makes blueprints, black & white and color copies, business cards, look books, zines, saddle-stitched booklets, and more. We generate plots and color posters. We scan and typeset. We send and receive files electronically and output to a wide variety of devices.

Among our customers are architects, engineers, developers, contractors, publishers, advertisers, designers, financial institutions and not-for-profit organizations.

We have the equipment, people, and know-how to get almost anything done, often on the most unreasonable schedules. We work night and weekends, employ our own messengers, and we pay fanatical attention to details.

SoHo Reprographics employs its own fleet of commercial vehicles and foot messengers to facilitate the pick-up and distribution of its daily work flow. For improved communication, convenience, and instant access, all of our messengers are equipped with a two-way communicator.

You may also call upon SoHo Repro to distribute your documents throughout the tri-state area, as well as the world. We offer competitive delivery rates within the region, and will engage the services of FEDEX/UPS for shipments beyond the local area.

To discuss your projects, kindly email, call (212) 925-7575 — or just visit us.